Prices for our driving service in Tata Indigo/Swift Desire (max. 3 people)

Roundtrips outside of Delhi

The daily flat-rate per car: 2600 INR (approx. 35€*, approx. 29£* or approx. 39$*)


The daily flat-rate includes:

- Up to 200 km daily (total free kilometres: tour duration x 200 km),

- Diesel, all driver expenses (e.g. accommodation & food),

- Insurance, parking fees, toll fees, taxi road tax.


The following are the not included in the price:

- Extra kilometres in excess of 200 km/day: INR 11/km (approx. 0,15€*, approx. 0,12£* or approx. 0,16$*),

- Road tax (taxi) in some states: approx. INR 200-300 INR (approx. 3-4€*, approx. 2-3£* or approx. 3-4$*) per car & day,

- Monument tours, costs for your accommodation & food, your admission fees, tips


Tours which do not start or end in Delhi:

If your planned trip is scheduled to start or end elsewhere in North India, we will calculate the transfer days at the usual

flat daily rate (max. 2 days as well as 200 free kilometres daily).


Package tours / excursions:

Delhi City Tour, per car: INR 1300 (approx. 18€*, approx. 15£* or approx. 19$*) (80 km, parking fees included, approx. 8 hours)

Taj Mahal day trip, per car: INR 6500 (approx. 88€*, approx. 73£* or approx. 97$*)

Agra and surrounding area in 2 days, per car: INR 7500 (approx. 101€*, approx. 85£* or approx. 112$*)

Airport transfer for tour guests

Pick-up from Delhi Airport: INR 800 (approx. 11€*, approx. 9£* or approx. 12$*) (parking fees included)

Delhi - Delhi Airport transfer: INR 500 (approx. 7€*, approx. 6£* or approx. 7$*)


Terms of payment

Only cash payments (INR), 50% at the start, 25% halfway through and 25% at the end of the tour.

*Prices vary depending on the exchange rate